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ChangelogLast updated: 1 March 2023

1.3.5 (10 March 2023)

  • compatibility of <img> tags with accessibility guideance when outputing SVGs
  • license keys are now obscured in license tab of add-on control panel
  • license validation methods
  • behaviour when image enlargement requested by allow_scale_larger parameter not set to ‘yes’
Bug fixes for:
  • License error triggers wrong help message for serial number
  • CP setting for maximum image size duplicated Image settings and advanced settings
  • Debug notice for invalid image path contained wrongly formed path
  • Animated gifs could not be converted to other formats
  • {lazy_image} variable appears as unprocessed term when Lazy option not selected
  • Crop parameters not being interpreted correctly when smart-scaling enabled

1.3.4 (12 February 2023)

Bug fixes for:
  • exception crash when trying to use with php 7.3 or earlier
  • caching issues on some MSM sites
  • issue that prevented Image from running on some Windows based machines
  • srcset units should be w not px
  • various Image debug message texts now properly mapped to errors / isssues 
  • exception crash occurs when Image cache location is unwritable
  • style consolidation activity fails if ‘background-image’ included in entry due to quoting issues
  • srcset failing with exception error
  • browser capability checks not working for some versions of macOS Safari

1.3.3 (10 January 2023)

  • Default Image Size setting - incorporates SVG sizing defaults. If set, now also applies whenever insufficient dimension information given in tag.
  • Run cache audit now option in caching control panel area
  • documentation relating to cache audit and class consolidation features
Bug fixes for:
  • php warnings when using php 8.1, where image path prefix specified and not used
  • cache status message (in template debug output) confusing after cache cleared
  • under some update scenarios clearing the cache the first time after an update would trigger php warnings
  • cache audit process could get confused by very old cache-log files on first audit after an update
  • LQIP transformation queue being wrongly set to repeat all transformations to image before applying LQIP filter
  • issue relating to class/style consolidation in some complex tag-pair use cases
  • issue relating to ttf font file not being found during text overlay filter operation

1.3.2 (20 December 2022)

Bug fixes for:
  • Allow Scale Larger default value being ignored sometimes
  • Issue with filedir when validating some images

1.3.1 (14 December 2022)

Bug fixes for:
  • bug relating to casing for namespaces used in some custom Filters
  • bug relating to use of attributes parameter with other unrecognised tags (e.g. class=)

1.3 (12 December 2022)

  • Significant changes in the JCOGS Image codebase to support future developments
  • Online documentation 
  • Layout of CP Settings pages
  • Image cache operation and maintenance functions
  • Rewritten filtering and transformation code
  • Licensing process / operation
  • Debug messaging 
  • Tag parameter processing
  • Workflows for internal image processing
  • php8 compatibility wrt Dominant Colour calculations
  • Tolerance of imperfect EE configurations
  • Support for operations when EE cache driver disabled

Bug fixes for:

  • bug relating to calculation of file information variables 
  • bug in processing of default fallback sources
  • bug in processing of fit parameter
  • bugs in lazy loading / lqip / dominant colour processing
  • bugs relating to Cache usage reporting
  • bug in rendering of srcset based tags
  • bug in reporting of {path} variable 
  • bug in generation of Lazy-Loading tag output (path) 
  • bug in saving of Add-on version information to settings db table
  • bug in processing of invalid cache_dir parameter entries
  • bug in filename_prefix / filename_suffix handling of URI reserved characters
  • bug in handling empty options in Text Overlay parameter strings

1.2.16 (5 November 2022)

  • Initial support for SVG format images
Bug fixes for
  • image path problems for EE configurations with base_url directory offset from the webroot
  • file access problems where filenames include urlencode special characters
  • operational issues when EE base_path value not set
  • demo mode not working on public domains

1.2.15 (6 October 2022)

  • Messaging related to cache status reporting
  • Option for limiting length of filename - added max-length validation rule
  • Sensing of webp image rendering properties for Apple macOS browsers
Bug fix for:
  • Handling of pass-through <img> parameters when processing bulk tag

1.2.14 (17 August 2022)

  • Support for EE7's new file system.
  • Added more tolerant processing of mal-formed PNG files.
  • Better reporting of issues when validating a license.
  • Less aggressive EE cache clearing on version update…

Bug fix for

  • Corrected labelling issue with save button on License page

1.2.13 (15 June 2022)

Bug fix for:
  • Minor but annoying bug relating to licensing utility methods

1.2.12 (30 May 2022)

  • Mechanism for generating unique caching hash for processed image filenames.
  • Update to do documentation site - speed / navigation
Bug fix for:
  • Remove trailing / from {path_orig} variable (kudos to Ron Hickson for both finding and fixing)

1.2.11 (21 April 2022)

Bug fix for:
  • Minor but annoying bug relating to staging server validation

1.2.10 (13 April 2022)

  • More efficient licensing validation processes
Bug fixes for:
  • Cache clearing status message
  • Licensing server validation

1.2.9 (11 April 2022)

  • Handling of situations where JCOGS Image cannot contact its licensing server.
  • Reduce need for multiple calls to licensing server during one validation campaign

1.2.8 (6 April 2022)

  • Staging Server support in Licensing system
  • Demonstration Mode always active when no license present
  • Reporting of reasons why license validation has failed
Bug fixes for:
  • Licensing for domains with ports specified

1.2.7 (31 March 2022)

  • JCOGS License validation support
  • completely re-written methods for image masking and for adding borders to masked images; 
    • masking on average 13% faster
    • masks with a border on average 17% faster; 
    • image quality significantly improved for both operations
  • layout for add-on settings page
  • code optimisations give 10-15% reduction in processing time on typical workloads
  • better png compression
  • cached image handling
  • image processing workflows (internal to add-on)
Bug fixes for:
  • attribute consolidation in bulk tag processing
  • caching of settings after a change
  • generation of lazy-loading images for images that include image masks and borders

1.2.6 (21 February 2022)

  • Rounded Corners parameter
  • Reflection parameter
  • border support for masked shapes / rounded corners
  • option to limit max dimensions for processing of image
  • option to disable active browser checking
  • looking for remote images in CE Image remote cache if all else fails
  • user selectable cache filename separator
  • sharpen filter now uses unsharp mask (matching CE Image)
  • filename processing avoids separator clashes
  • very much faster image validation
  • better CP layout
  • image format selection logic when chosen format not supported
  • error trapping / reporting (421 Savepath issue)
  • processing time reporting
  • parameter validation for rotate and flip operations
  • php 8.1 compatibility
  • manipulation parse sequence more accurately follows that used by CE Image
  • moved some functions to Image Utilities Class
Bug fixes for:
  • browser image format detection for recent Safari browsers
  • calculation of watermark repeat offsets
  • rotated image dimension calculation
  • a colour validation bug (rba contains non-numerical values)
  • a colour validation bug (validation of three character colours -> black)
  • initial dimension calculation (use round not int)

1.2.5 (1 February 2022)

  • support for GD's built-in image filters
  • control panel options for setting default php memory and execution time limits
  • Standardise on tiger160,3 hashing algorithm (faster...
  • image validation methods
  • processing of fallback image options
  • methods and default options for remote file retrieval
  • initial image loading method (reduce memory footprint, more reliable)
  • compatibility with php8.1
Bug fixes for:
  • calculation of watermark repeat offsets
  • default values for filter - shaped masks

1.2.4 (21 January 2022)

  • Jump Menu support
  • active check for php version being used (fails gracefully if version is not sufficient)
  • file retrieval methods for local files
Bug Fixes for:
  • issue with autocache and template caching competing, changed JCOGS Image to work around conflicts
  • edge condition where fallback_src= parameter might be ignored
  • url_only= parameter was outputing full URL rather than local URL. Updated to ensure compatibility with CE-Image behaviour
  • added a work-around for Wygwam double-encoding error

1.2 (12 January 2022)

  • handling of fallback options
  • Improved methods for setup / image validation
  • Improved method to retrieve remote images
  • Improved handling of oversized source images
  • Improved cache operations (cache_mode= parameter deprecated)
Bug Fixes for:
  • php8 compatibility improvements
  • naming of cache images when fallback images used now reflect fallback image name
  • fit calculations - further edge-case improvements

1.1 (6 December 2021)

  • detection / handling of PNG8 and PNG24
  • processing of bulk images
Bug Fixes for:
  • filesize reporting
  • fit calculations
  • fast cache processing
  • transparency collapsing

1.0.12 (8 November 2021)

  • border= parameter
  • cache_mode option (fast / slow)
  • documentation site launched
Bug Fixes for:
  • parsing the {attributes} variable
  • min / max precendence calculations
  • processing of FIT parameter

1.0.11 (25 October 2021)

  • First Commercial Release