JCOGS Design

in the Thames Valley


JCOGS Design is a specialist website backend developer, working with the ExpressionEngine Content Management System, based in the UK's beautiful Thames Valley.

ExpressionEngine - is a powerful and flexible commercial content management system that provides a mature, well supported, secure and reliable platform. It is used in all sorts of roles, but is particularly well suited to sites that need to work with complex data and / or where designers seek maximum scope to be creative.

We are familiar with a wide range of ExpressionEngine add-ons, including top EE eCommerce suite CartThrob.

We also work with Craft and Perch Runway CMS systems - which each have strong design similarities to ExpressionEngine, but also have unique merits that make them well suited to particular applications.

We work for client organisations who need support for an existing sites, and with Web Developers and Design houses who need specific expertise to assist them in their work to develop new ExpressionEngine, Craft or Perch based websites.


We offer three kinds of service:

Repair / Audit

If your ExpressionEngine or other CMS based site is no longer working well, we can help.

We can deploy resource quickly to diagnose the problem and fix it.

Even better: let us look your site now before the problems appear and make recommendations about how it can be improved: to make your site work more efficiently, become more secure, and easier to maintain in future.


Keeping your CMS up to date is essential maintenance to ensure that your site is protected from newly emerging internet security threats, and can take advantage the latest web technology.

We can help - we have the hands-on familiarity with the updating process to be able to do the work quickly and efficiently.

This is particularly true for ExpressionEngine - upgrading a site to the latest Version 4 release can be complicated, but necessary to benefit from the latest performance and security updates (and well worth the effort)

New Site Design

We translate designers' visions for new web sites into a practical, efficient and reliable reality.

We work closely from the outset with designers, end clients and other stakeholders throughout the design process.

We are flexible - we are happy to fit into an existing team or project manage the entire site design process for you.



JCOGS is a small firm. Because of this you can be sure that any work we do for you will benefit from our full attention.

Also, because we are small we can be very flexible. We can tailor our work to suit your specific needs. We can work with you at your location or remotely.

Although we are small, we have access to the latest technology and can provide the full range of technical services, including hosting and connectivity, if required.


ExpressionEngine is a powerful and flexible system, but has a steep learning curve. We have climbed that curve for you and are knowledgable and skilled in its configuration and use.

ExpressionEngine's function can be extended in a variety of ways. In addition to our expertise in the core framework, we are also familiar with the most widely used add-ons and can help to deploy and resolve issues with those too.


We have been working with ExpressionEngine since 2010, and are focused on this framework. We also support two other similar CMS products - Craft and Perch.

Our experience is broadly based, including the design and deployment of complex data based websites, eCommerce solutions, and the creation and maintenance of multi-lingual sites (including support for RTL languages such as Arabic).

ExpressionEngine is built upon standard web technologies MySQL and php, and so necessarily we are expert in these and related areas too.


We are easy to get hold of, and keen to hear from you.



You can call or message us on
+44 7974 254995